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  • Metal Detector Division

    BCI is the Industry Leader in Security Metal Detector in N.E since 1996.
    Our Operators are trained and experienced.
    Operators are also bonded and insured.

  • PD 6500i for Special Events

    Garrett Metal Detectors are the Gold Standard
    for Metal Detectors World Wide.
    This unit allows for easy rapid deployment at special events,
    stadiums, schools and other venues.
    Our Fisher portable units allow detectors to be setup in
    places without electricity,

  • BCI Divisions

    Whether it's a private party at your home, exhibits at a convention center, walk through metal detectors or day to day security at your location, BCI offers a wide variety of services to provide you with the most comprehensive security packages available.

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  • Cutting Edge Equipment

    BCI is the first and largest metal detection company of it's kind in New England and uses cutting-edge technology. All staff members are trained in the proper deployment and use of our metal detectors.

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  • Top-Notch Consultants

    BCI uniquely employs a wide-range of high quality consultants to round out our experienced staff. They come from retired
    U.S. Marshalls, Secret Service, State & Local Police, TSA and the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives fields.

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  • About Our Clients

    Bay Colony Investigators, Inc. (BCI) has over 28 years of experience providing multiple levels of professional security
    services including major colleges & universities, high-level politicians and celebrities.

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