Metal Detector Division

BCI is the first and largest metal detection company of it's kind in New England. The division director has been in security and law enforcement for over 30 years and has headed this unit since it's inception in 1996. Our company president is considered an "expert witness" in the us of metal detectors by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

With the increase of incidents in the public and private sectors the use of metal detectors has become critical in keeping employees and the general public safe. 

Metal Detector Uses

  • Conventions
  • Concerts
  • Proprietary Meetings
  • Theaters
  • Private Parties
  • Trade Shows
  • College Events

Types of Metal Detection

Security Bag CheckWhile bag checking can uncover serious threats, limiting your event security to only checking bags is a recipe for disaster. Anyone can have anything on their person and nothing dangerous in the bag. See how we provide higher level security below.
Walk Through ScannerMetal detectors do not just detect firearms and knives. They are not restricted to magnetic metal as many people think. They detect ALL metal no matter how small the amount of what kind. Our portable units are battery operated and can be set up in minutes and can be used in virtually any location.

When the correct protocol is used these units are the most accurate, fastest and the least inconvenience for your attendees. It takes approximately 12 seconds for the average person to go through a walk through metal detector.
This detector, if used by properly trained personnel, is a valuable tool to deploy at your event. However, if it is used as the ONLY metal detector it will take as much as 3 times as long as a walk through detector. Operators tend to rush scans with hand held detectors and may not be trained correctly and take things for granted. A strict protocol should be followed and often is not.
X-Ray ScannerThese units examine the contents of, luggage, briefcases, purses, backpacks to name just a few. an extra measure of security.

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