Security Services

Bay Colony Investigators, Inc. offers a wide variety of services to provide you with the most comprehensive security packages available. Bay Colony Investigators, Inc. specializes in variety of professional patrol services. From small private functions to large public events, we will provide you with the protection you need to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

  • Guard & Patrol Services
  • Metal Detector
  • Protective Services
  • Event Security

Whether it's a private party at your home or exhibits at a convention center or hotel, BCI can provide you with guard services and/or patrol vehicles for your business or property, with or without video monitoring. 


Patrol services inside your building make sure:

  • lights are out
  • doors are locked
  • provide escort services to employees who are working late
  • AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE (minimum 1-year contract) computerized guard tour managers


Patrol services outside include:

  • ticketing vehicles that are trespassing
  • make sure parking lot lights are on for added security
  • run license plates against suspicious vehicles to determine the owner
  • make sure outer doors are locked

From small private functions to large public events, we will provide you with the protection you need to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We can deploy marked or unmarked vehicles and set up roving patrols with dashboard mounted video cameras.

Largest Metal Detector Service in New England

Bay Colony Investigators established the Largest Metal Detector Service in New England in 1996. Metal Detectors detect anything with metal Including: Weapons, Cameras, Tape Recorders Cell Phones, Explosives, Etc. We have 1-100 Walk Through and 100 Hand Held units available with trained, experienced professional operators. X-Ray units are available for brief-cases and hand luggage scanning. These services are provided indoors or outdoors for special events such as, conventions, corporate meetings, concerts, visiting dignitaries, politicians, sports events, schools and college activities.


Bay Colony Investigators was selected as the primary vendor to the Department of Homeland Security/TSA in providing security services nationwide for the United States Government under the new airport security screening guidelines. Since 2003 Bay Colony Investigators has been the Metal Detector and Security Provider for Boston's 4th of July celebration featuring the Boston Pop's. We're recognized by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Court System as an Expert in the use of Metal Detectors.

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Are you concerned how employees will react to the news that they are losing their job? Do you worry about the safety of the people who are telling them?

Our professional protection personnel are prepared to take action and safeguard those who are at risk. Trained in accordance with the highest standards, our protection professionals specialize in security tactics designed to detect, and neutralize risks before they become dangerous situations. We have built a reputation on our ability to provided former Federal, State & Local law enforcement professionals, who are discrete, and possess acute judgment. You can rely on a dependable and consistent standard of service.

BCI can deploy armed escort agents to provide protection to a variety of clients including:

  • Business Executives
  • VIP/Celebrities.

Our Event & Convention Services Division is headed by the retired Head of the Loss Prevention Department of one of Boston's finest hotels. His background in convention/event services is extensive, over 20 years. He and his staff will assist you and your attendees in having a safe and secure event.

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